Parenting Support

Parents: At the Heart

Parenthood is a journey and although it brings joy it can also leave you feeling lost and depleted. Being a parent exposes your human vulnerabilities and shifts your relationships.

I provide therapy helping you to find balance and escape feelings of lack and overwhelm and fall in love again with the life you live and the people who matter most.

Specialized Parenting Program

Are you receiving constant calls from school? Does your child continuously make poor choices and you’ve tried everything to curb behavior but it isn’t working? Are you experiencing a moody, aggressive, defiant, tantrum-having, or withdrawn child? Are you drained emotionally, physically, and mentally from trying to offer your best to your child but feel like it’s not appreciated? Are you running out of ideas of how to help your child? Do you have varying ideas of parenting in your home? Do you desire to build positive relationships in your home?

The purpose of the specialized positive parenting program is to reduce parental stress, increase positive interactions, improve children’s behavior in the home and school, and teaching children how to execute these skills in real life settings.

12-Week Program Provides:

  • Positive Parenting Groups
  • Individual session with Therapist
  • In-home session with Parenting Coach

During this program, you will learn and implement:

  • Behavior Modification: Revamp rewards and consequences in the home
  • Clarify roles, expectations, and accountability in the home
  • Conflict resolution
  • Build healthy relationships and increase rapport building in the home
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