What we do

Throughout the course of our lives, we will inevitably face struggles. Sometimes these challenges can be too difficult to get through alone, and that’s why Inspiring Hope Counseling is here to help. I offer individual therapy for all ages because I want to walk with you through your most trying times. No matter what struggles you’re facing, I’m able to offer grief counseling, trauma counseling, and more. If you’d like to take advantage of my experience as a therapist contact Inspiring Hope Counseling today.

At Inspiring Hope Counseling, I offer therapist services for a wide range of issues, and among the most common are marriage and couples counseling. Whether you and your partner are struggling through a rough patch in your relationship or you would simply like to learn how to communicate and support each other more effectively, I’m here to help. I offer the expertise and respect you deserve and will help you mend the relationships in your life. To take advantage of my couples and marriage counselor services, simply contact me at Inspiring Hope Counseling today.


At Inspiring Hope Counseling, I also am proud to offer child and family counseling services. Whether your family is in need of assistance with conflict resolution or help cope with the loss of a loved one, I can help by offering parental counseling, grief counseling, and more. My ultimate goal is to equip you and your family to better tackle any issues in the future on your own, growing closer together in the process. If you’re interested in coming in for family therapy contact me at Inspiring Hope Counseling today.


Can’t make it into my office for a counseling session? Not to worry, as I can offer virtual counseling services to assist you. I can provide counseling services over the phone or online via a HIPAA compliant platform. My services are designed to reach out and provide aid and betterment for you whenever you need, this service is just one more way in which I can help. If you need a counseling session but cannot come into my office for whatever reason, schedule your virtual counseling at Inspiring Hope Counseling today.

When participating in groups you will discover it is a safe place to gain self-awareness, normalize your experience, promote change in meaningful ways, and helps you learn and process new skills.

Let me help you!