LaQuista Erinna is a military spouse and Army Veteran with over 19 years of service. After returning home from her second deployment to Iraq, she decided to continue her education and pursue a Master of Social Work with a specialization in Health and Military Social Work from the University of Southern California. Currently, LaQuista is finalizing the final degree requirements for a Doctorate of Behavioral Health through Arizona State University.
She has a private practice. As a licensed clinical social worker, LaQuista is trained to treat numerous issues ranging from stress management to more serious mental illnesses. Her experience includes helping people cope with depression, anxiety, trauma, and PTSD.
In addition, LaQuista is an author, speaker, and consultant for medical providers who wish to integrate behavioral health care into their practices.


Do you feel like you have to settle in a relationship, so you won’t end up alone? Maybe you spent time focusing on your education or career and neglected your love life. You may not have taken the traditional route of finding love: dating, falling in love, getting engaged, married, and finally starting a family. Have you ever wanted to give up on love? “Journey to Happily Ever After,” explores the internal and external struggles I endured in my personal relationships, when I returned home from Iraq. After several failed relationships, I longed to be loved again. I was educated, successful, and seemed to have it all together. Yet at 35, I was divorced, alone, pregnant, and embarrassed. Raising two boys on my own terrified me, but I endured, and the journey taught me many lessons. I returned to my hometown scared and broken, fortunately I didn’t stay that way. In my chapter, I discuss how I was able to love, forgive, and find true happiness within myself as I venture on a journey to happily ever after.


Brand New Me Journey: The Pursuit of Wholeness

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