Chanel, a New York City native, is the CEO and Founder of Maximum Evolution. She is a dynamic motivational speaker, writer, and executive coach with a powerful story of overcoming adversity. As a mother with young children, Chanel has worked her way up the corporate ladder to become a General Manager and continues to develop her professional career while mentoring others to do the same. Chanel has developed a dynamic mentorship program designed to help you discover your path while setting realistic goals to move you forward, teaching you tools to navigate through personal and professional obstacles. Chanel works with people one on one empowering them to maximize constantly & evolve instantly. She is currently writing a memoir and developing an online course set to be released early next year.

ENOUGH (Chapter Focus)

In Brand New Me, Chanel courageously shares her triumphant journey to wholeness after escaping an abusive relationship where she found herself in fear for her life. Have you ever felt unworthy and hopeless? At one time, Chanel too felt unworthy of love and battled with severe depression but after gaining the tools needed, Chanel learned how to heal from her past traumas and has been able to deliver a powerful transformational message to those still trapped in abusive relationships. Today, Chanel knows that she is enough and is worthy of love….


Brand New Me Journey: The Pursuit of Wholeness

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