Andrea M. Stuckey is passionate about helping women through the devastating life changes that come along with separation and divorce. She is the Founder of Live Life Luvd Coaching LLC where she is dedicated to helping women rebuild their lives through transformational life coaching, speaking, teaching and writing. She is the author of “Suddenly Single: A Woman’s Spiritual and Practical Guide to the First 5 Years Following Separation and Divorce”, “Picking Up the Pieces After Divorce”, and “Liberation Journal for Divorcées: 90 Days to Renewing Your Personal Freedom.” She teaches women how to cultivate and activate their gifts and talents, in order to redefine their lives and pursue their dreams. Having gone through divorce twice, she empowers women, shares her journey, and gives spiritual and practical tips that are applicable to live a liberated lifestyle.

TO BE YOUNG AND FREE (Chapter Focus)

If you’ve ever been betrayed, finding the ability to trust again and pick up the pieces of a broken past can be painful and seem unrealistic.  

As a young woman in the military, I quickly found myself thrusted from a life of love, friendship, fun and freedom into a life of lies, heartache and adversity. Through it all I’ve learned that there is no abyss of life that God cannot lift you out of and place you on a miraculous journey of purpose and fulfillment.


Brand New Me Journey: The Pursuit of Wholeness

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