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Chaute Thompson, LMHC

Chautè Thompson is a divorcee and mother of two. After being married for 10+ years and going through her own healing journey, she founded Brand New Me, LLC. Brand New Me (BNM) focuses on helping women to heal and grow using the blueprint she developed from her own experiences and expertise. BNM provides resources, education, and empowerment enabling women to reset, renew, rediscover, and redefine themselves.

Ms. Thompson is also a 3x author with 2 of her books becoming Bestsellers: Brand New Me: The Pursuit of Wholeness and Brand New Me: Complemented Completed and Whole.
As a Restoration Expert, Ms. Thompson provides coaching and consulting helping women detox after a significant breakup and transition through the healing journey, enabling them to live boldly, humbly authentic with the tools to identify and cultivate healthier relationships with themselves and others.

Ms. Thompson is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida and Georgia, Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, Qualified Social Investigator, Qualified Parenting Coordinator, Court Approved Parenting Educator, Certified Daring Way Facilitator, Certified Prepare & Enrich facilitator for dating, marital and pre-marital couples, speaker, author, consultant, educator, and Restoration Expert.

Ms. Thompson is also the owner of Inspiring Hope Counseling Services, LLC (IHCS) a private practice, which focuses on helping ALL families strengthen their family unit, specializing in working with families of divorce to heal and transition smoothly. Ms. Thompson provides Faith-Based Counseling in addition to counseling for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. 

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