Embracing Your Brand
New Me Journey


How many of us were truly educated on what the ins and outs of a relationship truly entails? The amount of healing that must occur from past relationships before engaging in new relationships and the tenacity to work through the difficult moments in relationships enabling them to thrive and be healthy. The work must be done to have healthy relationships with oneself and with others!


Brand New Me: Complemented, Completed & Whole provides singles and couples with the insight into how to have healthy relationships with self first then others. In this thought-provoking and engaging book, Author, Therapist & Restoration Expert Chautè Thompson challenges readers to apply lessons learned from real life relatable scenarios and personal life experiences, which can break the cycle of unhealthy relationships. Ms. Thompson creates an interactive opportunity for women and men to do the internal work to grow individually and as a couple building healthier relationships. Brand New Me: Complemented, Completed and Whole is your unique guide for singles and couples to grow from within equipping you for happier and healthier relationships.


Ms. Thompson is a Restoration Coach & Consultant helping individuals rediscover and redefine themselves after a significant breakup.


Brand New Me with Chaute Podcast is a weekly conversation with experts to discuss The Journey.


It’s easy to feel alone on your journey. In our programs you can connect with like minded women who are ready to do the work to grow while developing life changing connections!

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Embracing Your Brand New Me Journey
Complemented NOT Completed

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Breakups happen but how do you heal and grow after them? What are the steps to not get sucked back in? Have you tried to move forward, but you find yourself in new relationships with the same person just a different face? Do you feel stuck? Are you ready for more? Are other parts of your life not thriving the way you would like? Let’s chat! Schedule a FREE clarity call to see if I’m a good fit to help you become a brand-new version of you!